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Modules and Lessons

  1. Boating Basics
    1. Boating Basics
    2. Boating Basics Continued
    3. The Hull
    4. Hull Styles
    5. Definitions: Parts of a Boat
    6. Definitions: Parts of a Personal Watercraft
    7. Engine Types
    8. Alaska's Mandatory Education Requirements
    9. Alaska's Age and Horsepower Restrictions
    10. Your Boat’s Gross Load Capacity and Horsepower Recommendations
    +9 more lessons
  2. Boating Equipment
    1. Lifejackets and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
    2. What is a ‘Coast Guard-Approved’ Lifejacket/PFD?
    3. Lifejacket Classifications and Types
    4. Type I: Offshore Lifejacket
    5. Type II: Near-Shore Buoyancy Vest
    6. Type III: Flotation Aid
    7. Type IV: Throwable Device
    8. Type V: Special-Use Devices
    9. Federal Regulations for Inflatable Lifejackets
    10. Understanding Lifejacket/PFD Labels
    +24 more lessons
  3. Getting on the Water
    1. Checking Local Weather and Water Conditions
    2. Boater Skill Level and Poor Weather Conditions
    3. Using Your Local Weather and Water Reports
    4. Using Your Local Weather and Water Reports Continued
    5. Staying Safe in Stormy Weather
    6. Staying Safe in Stormy Weather Continued
    7. Identifying Dangerous Weather and Water Conditions
    8. Checking For Local Hazards
    9. What is a Float Plan?
    10. Maintaining Your Boat
    +19 more lessons
  4. Safe Responsible Boat Operation
    1. Environmental Laws and Regulations
    2. Litter Laws
    3. Alaska's Waste Disposal Laws
    4. The Disposal of Toxic Substances
    5. Information Placards and Waste Management Plans
    6. Human Waste Disposal
    7. Human Waste Disposal Continued
    8. Aquatic Nuisance Species
    9. Boating and Alcohol and/or Drug Use
    10. The Effects of Drinking Alcohol and/or Using Drugs While Operating a Boat
    +10 more lessons
  5. Navigating the Waterways
    1. The Navigation Rules : Disclaimer
    2. Common Navigation Rule Violations
    3. Determining Your Position and Course of Direction
    4. Determining the Risk of Collision
    5. The Responsibility Between Vessels Rule
    6. Determining Right-of-Way
    7. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Head-on Approach
    8. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Port (Left) Approach
    9. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Starboard (Right) Approach
    10. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Overtaking
    +17 more lessons
  6. Other Water Activities Emergency Preparation
    1. Diving and Snorkeling Requirements
    2. Towed Sports
    3. Towed Sports Safety
    4. Using Hand Signals
    5. Carbon Monoxide
    6. Propeller Strike Awareness
    7. Operating a Personal Watercraft: Handling Characteristics
    8. How to Re-Board a Personal Watercraft from Deep Water:
    9. Personal Watercraft Accident Risks
    10. Small Boats and Situational Awareness
    +25 more lessons



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