BOATsmart! California Practice Test

Want to try a practice test before you take the course? Get ready for your California boater safety course by testing your boating knowledge with our free practice test.

Practice Test Question 1

1. Which boating restriction sign indicates that no power-driven vessels are permitted?

Practice Test Question 2

2. Which of the following images correctly identifies the Port side of a pleasure craft?

Practice Test Question 3

3. Which of the following is NOT approved for use on a Personal Watercraft (PWC)?

Practice Test Question 4

4. Which of the following should you keep on your port side when heading upstream?

Practice Test Question 5

5. Which of the following is a Type A Parachute Flare?

Practice Test Question 6

6. Which of the following is a Swimming Buoy?

Practice Test Question 7

7. In which of the following images are you the Stand-On Craft?

Practice Test Question 8

8. A boat is approaching you head-on, what is your course of action?

Practice Test Question 9

9. Which of the following displays how passengers should be safely seated on board a small aluminum boat?

Practice Test Question 10

10. Which image is a Starboard-Hand Buoy?

Congratulations! You've completed the practice quiz.

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