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Lost your Ohio boating license?

Replace your Ohio Boater Education Card or buy extra copies for the cottage, cabin or boat.

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1% for the planet logo. We pledge 1% of your purchase to sustain and revitalize our natural environment.

Need a few back up cards?

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Get a back-up

Keep one for back-up in case you lose your Card again.

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One for each boat

Stow a card in each boat so you’ll never have to worry.

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Put it in the tackle box

Always be prepared on those early mornings. You need to fous on reeling in the fish!

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In partnership with 1% For The Planet, Campfire pledges a percentage of our annual revenue directly to nonprofits that sustain and protect the wild.

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Go boldly, tell your story. Campfire is building a collective of ambassadors who share a passion for the wild. If you’re an influencer, publisher or sport expert drop us a line. Let’s hook up and inspire others.

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