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Texas Hunter Education Practice Test

Want to try a practice test before you take the course? Get ready for your Texas hunter safety course by testing your hunting knowledge with our free practice test.

Practice Test Question 1

1. The ‘sustained lead’ shooting method is used when firing which of the following?

Practice Test Question 2

2. Which of the following firearms is most commonly used when hunting turkey?

Practice Test Question 3

3. What is the most important piece of safety equipment a hunter must have while hunting from a boat?

Practice Test Question 4

4. Which of the following game species are regulated by state laws?

Practice Test Question 5

5. If you have successfully completed hunter education, at what age are you permitted to hunt unaccompanied in the State of Texas?

Practice Test Question 6

6. What amount of Hunter Orange are you required to wear when hunting on public lands, in Texas?

Practice Test Question 7

7. In Texas, you are not required to obtain a hunting license to hunt which of the following?

Practice Test Question 8

8. In Texas, you are permitted to hunt White-tailed deer with any ammunition type, except which of the following:

Practice Test Question 9

9. During the Eastern Spring Turkey hunt in Texas, Eastern Turkey may be hunted with which of the following firearm types:

Practice Test Question 10

10. In Texas, migratory game birds may only be legally hunted with which of the following:

Congratulations! You’ve completed the practice quiz.



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