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ATVsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Modules and Lessons

  1. Rider Basics
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet Your Machine
    3. ATV Terminology: The Parts
    4. ATV Terminology: The Controls
    5. OHM Types (Dirt Bikes)
    6. OHM Terminology: The Parts
    7. OHM Terminology: The Controls
    8. UTV (side-by-side) Terminology: The Parts
    9. UTV (side-by-side) Terminology: The Controls
    10. The Top 6 Safety Rules for Riders
    +4 more lessons
  2. Before Heading Out
    1. How's Your Rider Health?
    2. Trip Planning
    3. Map It Out
    4. Accessing Private Property
    5. Checking the Weather
    6. Your Rider Clothing and Safety Gear
    7. Your Essential Gear List
    8. Pack Your Tools
  3. Servicing & Transporting Your Machine
    1. Machine Maintenance: Pre-Season and Pre-Storage
    2. Machine Transportation: Loading and Trailering
    3. Trailer and Vehicle Logistics
    4. How to Use Your Winch
    5. Loading Ramps 101
    6. Loading Your Machine (Using a Winch)
    7. Loading Your Machine (Driving it onto the Trailer)
    8. How to Unload Your Machine
    9. Towing a Trailer with Your Machine: General Safety Guidelines
  4. Rider Skills
    1. The Rider Experience
    2. Getting Started: Rider Posture
    3. Starting Your Machine
    4. Let's Talk Transmissions
    5. Braking
    6. How to Brake Smoothly and Safely
    7. Parking
    8. Turning
    9. Sharp Turns/Unexpected Swerving
    10. Riding Uphill
    +4 more lessons
  5. Rider Responsibility
    1. Rider Responsibility
    2. Alcohol and Drugs
    3. Combining Speed and Alcohol
    4. Rider Fatigue
    5. Group Riding
    6. Hand Signals
    7. Following Too Closely and Safe Speed
    8. How to Calculate a Safe Speed
    +7 more lessons
  6. Off-Road Terrain
    1. Evaluating Terrain
    2. Types of Terrain
    3. Sand Dunes
    4. Mud and Water
    5. Snow
    6. Rocks and Logs
    7. Crossing Obstacles
    8. Switchbacks
    9. Crossing Roads and Highways
    10. Using Private Property
    +3 more lessons
  7. Emergency Prep & Outdoor Survival
    1. Preparing for the Worst - Why We Do It
    2. The Benefits of Survival Training
    3. Getting Lost... and Found
    4. Know the Weather
    5. Your First Aid and Survival Pack
    6. Dealing with Injuries
    7. Broken Bones
    8. Burns
    9. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    10. Snakebites
    +13 more lessons



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