BOATsmart! Canada
Knowledge Base

Modules and Lessons

  1. Boating Basics
    1. Boating in Canada
    2. Canada’s Pleasure Craft Operator Laws
    3. Age and Horsepower Restrictions
    4. Basic Boating Terminology
    5. The Hull
    6. Definitions: Pleasure Craft Overview
    7. Definitions: Personal Watercraft Overview
    8. Engine Types
    9. Summary
  2. Boating Rules, Regulations, and Equipment
    1. Boat Operator Responsibilities
    2. Canada’s Boating Laws and Regulations
    3. Vessel Operation Restrictions Regulations
    4. Who enforces Canada’s Boating Laws?
    5. Boating and Alcohol
    6. Canada's Boating and Alcohol Laws
    7. What is a Compliance Notice?
    8. Hull Identification Number (HIN)
    9. Pleasure Craft License
    10. Vessel Registration
    +30 more lessons
  3. Before Heading Out
    1. Maintaining your Craft
    2. Winterizing and Storing Your Boat
    3. Transporting Your Boat
    4. Towing Your Boat
    5. Launching and Loading Your Boat
    6. How to Launch Your Boat
    7. Learning About Local Waterways and Hazards
    8. Marine Charts and Nautical Publications
    9. Using a Compass
    10. Using a Marine GPS Device
    +11 more lessons
  4. Safe Boat Operation
    1. Loading People and Equipment
    2. Leaving the Dock
    3. Docking Your Boat
    4. Disembarking Your Boat
    5. Safety Underway
    6. Effects of Being on the Water
    7. Choosing a Safe Speed
    8. Trim
    9. Controlling Your Boat
    10. Personal Watercraft Safety
    +11 more lessons
  5. Navigation and Right-of-Way Rules
    1. The Collision Regulations
    2. Determining Right-of-Way
    3. Operating Rules for Power-Driven Boats: Keeping it Simple
    4. Approaching Power-Driven Boats: Head-On and Overtaking
    5. Approaching Power-Driven Boats: Port and Starboard
    6. Using Sound Signals for Navigation
    7. Navigating at Night
    8. Navigation Light Types
    9. Required Navigation Lights
    10. Towing Lights and Search and Rescue Navigation Lights
    +8 more lessons
  6. Markers and Buoys
    1. Aids to Navigation
    2. What is a Buoy?
    3. Systems of Buoys in Canada
    4. The Lateral System
    5. Port Hand Buoys
    6. Starboard Hand Buoys
    7. Bifurcation Buoys
    8. Fairway Buoys
    9. Isolated Danger Buoys
    10. Day Beacons
    +6 more lessons
  7. Emergency Preparedness
    1. Boating Emergencies
    2. If Your Boat Has Run Aground
    3. What to do if Your Boat has Capsized
    4. If Your Boat is Taking on Water - Hull Leaks, Flooding, Swamping, and Sinking
    5. Collisions with Other Boats
    6. Abandoning Ship
    7. Person Overboard Emergencies
    8. Rescuing a Person Overboard
    9. Hypothermia and Cold Water Immersion
    10. Rescuing a Person with Hypothermia
    +14 more lessons

Get your Official Canadian
Boating License

The Official Transport Canada Boating Course, Test & License.

Get your Official Canadian
Boating License

The Official Transport Canada Boating
Course, Test & License.

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