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Campfire Collective Sep 3rd, 2018

Choosing Your First Snowboard


Are you trying to make the best of your winter by finding an outdoor activity? If you are considering snowboarding, then the best way to start is by renting a snowboard and testing it out. This will give you a chance to get a feel for the sport and decide whether or not you’re interested. If you’re still interested and plan on going at least a few times each year then it’s time to invest in your very own!

Finding that first snowboard could be difficult if you are new to the sport. Several things should be taken into consideration when making the decision. You should ask yourself some of the following questions to help you get started: What kind of snowboarding am I interested in? Will I be snowboarding often? How tall am I? These questions will help you choose the type, budget, and length of your snowboard.

Type of Snowboard

There are three types of snowboards to choose from: all-mountain, freestyle, and alpine. Determining what kind of snowboarding you’re interested in is the first step to deciding on a new board.

All-mountain snowboards are meant for riding every part of the mountain. You could ride through deep powder, downhill, or in the terrain park. The board is a bit wider to provide balance along with easier turns and stops. They have medium flex which helps you ride through both thick snow and over jumps. This type of snowboard is excellent if you’re looking to ride everywhere or if you feel that your interests might change.

Freestyle boards are made specifically for the terrain park. They provide a soft flex which makes the board very easy to control. This is especially useful when going over jumps and doing rails. The board is wider for better balance and the bindings are usually placed further apart for balance and control. This type of board is the best for any beginner due to the ease of control.

Alpine boards are very different from all-mountain and freestyle. They are made for going down the hill as fast as possible. The board is very narrow, and it is only curved up on one side. This means that they have less balance and are only meant for riding on your dominant side. If you like speed and can easily learn to keep balance, then this board is for you.


It is important to ask yourself how often you will be snowboarding. This is helpful in determining a good budget. If you plan on snowboarding just a few times a year then it might be more worth purchasing a cheaper snowboard. If you plan on going often then you should consider doing the research to find a higher-quality board which may break the bank a little more. Looking at online reviews is a great way to find out what people think of a specific board.

Length of the Board

The last step to determining which snowboard you buy is the size. A board that is too small or too large would be difficult to control. As a beginner it is hard to know what size you need, but there is a general height and an equation that can be used. If the board is at about your chin height, then it should be a good size. The formula for figuring out an approximate size is: your height (inches) x 2.54 x 0.88 = Suggested Board Length. The board length could be about 2 cm larger or smaller than the suggested length. Just make sure you stay within about a 4cm range.

These are the main steps to purchasing your first snowboard. Whichever board you decide on, always remember to stick to it and not to get discouraged. It will be difficult at first but if you pull through then you’ll have a great time!

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