Top 5 Boat Insurance Claims And How To Prevent Them

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Campfire Collective Aug 7th, 2018

Top 5 Boat Insurance Claims And How To Prevent Them

Those early mornings on the lake with your kids in tow. An evening cruise with friends. A
weekend getaway with your family—fishing and tubing included. It’s about your time. But
whatever your activity, boating can be dangerous and even the most experienced boat owners
may have to file an insurance claim if they are not prepared. So here are few of the most
common boating insurance claims below, with some tips on how to stay safe and avoid them!

Claim #1: Hitting a Submerged Object
Whether it causes a surface scratch or a hazardous hole, many boat owners experience
damages caused by a run in with an underwater object that was obscured by muddy water or
floating objects.
While your boat insurance policy may cover this damage, there are ways to prevent it! If your
boat has a depth sounder (as many larger boats do), always keep your eye on it while taking the
outside conditions into account. In addition, steering within the marked channels and staying
alert for any buoys or markers placed in the water to indicate hazards will keep your boat sailing

Claim #2: Grounding
Grounding results from circumstances similar to hitting a submerged object, keeping it in the top
10 most common insurance claims, and it can cause some serious damage to your boat. Avoid
grounding by following the same tips as above: consult charts, marked channels, and a depth
sounder if possible.

Claim #3: Weather Damage
From storms in the summer, to wind and thunder storms in the fall – weather damage can occur
at any point during the year. A boat operator should always check the weather forecast before
heading out on the water to ensure that the conditions are safe. If you find yourself on the water
already and a storm is approaching, get your boat back to shore and tie it securely to its

Claim #4: Theft
Theft becomes an increasingly common insurance claim in the summer months, so in order to
protect your property, be sure to remove navigational equipment from plain sight and secure
your valuables!

Claim #5: Personal Injury
Insurance claims filed for injury will either fall under medical payments coverage, which covers
any injuries suffered by you or your passengers, or bodily injury liability, which covers injuries
that you caused to somebody else. These injuries are often the result of an inexperienced
operator or passenger.
In order to keep everybody safe, make sure that you have an operator who has taken a safety
course and plans to stay attentive to the waters. Taking a boating safety course is required in
some states, but it can also save you money on your insurance and help protect your
passengers from injury, so really, everybody benefits!
In addition, providing life jackets and remembering to never drink and boat are crucial to boating
safety and injury prevention.

Boat insurance is one of those investments that you’ll be grateful to have in the future. It
ensures your assets and allows you to have a worry-free season on the water with family and
Get your instant online quote here or call us for a free no-obligation quote at: 1-855-829-6753

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