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Campfire Collective Aug 25th, 2018

Wyoming Boating Laws and Regulations

Who needs a Wyoming Boater Education Card?

Wyoming does not require boating education. You can take a boating safety course to save on insurance or to boat in States that require a card or certification.  Anyone under the age of 16 years may not legally operate a motorized vessel or a personal watercraft (PWC) unless accompanied by a person 18 years or older.

If you’re a visitor to Wyoming and you don’t meet the conditions to be exempted from the state’s requirements for mandatory boater education, you can get a temporary certificate in order to rent a boat during your visit. These certificates are valid for one year and are available from vendors located all over the state.

Get your Official North American
Boating License

The Official NASBLA and State-Approved Boating Course, Test & License.

Get your Official North American
Boating License

The Official NASBLA and State-Approved Canada Boating
Course, Test & License.


All boats are required to carry a properly-sized U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable life jacket for each person on board.

Life jackets must be worn at all times when riding a personal watercraft or when being towed by or riding in the wake of a watercraft. Kids 12 years of age and under are required to wear a life jacket while the watercraft is underway.


Wyoming law prohibits anyone from boating under the influence (BUI)—that is, operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or any combination of alcohol and a controlled substance. 

Wyoming law states that a person is considered to be intoxicated if the person:

  • Is under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance to a degree which makes him or her incapable of operating a watercraft safely
  • Has a blood, breath, or urine concentration of alcohol of 0.10% or more
  • Has a blood, breath, or urine concentration of alcohol of 0.10% or more as measured within three hours of the time of vessel operation

Wyoming’s boaters must always comply with both federal and state boating laws and must follow any direction given by law enforcement. Learn more about Wyoming’s boating laws by taking the BOATsmart! Wyoming’s Course. Wyoming’s boating law authorities you’ll see on the water are:

  • All Game and Fish Department law enforcement officers.
  • Any other peace officers.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard (on federal waters).


The operator of any watercraft involved in an accident on any of the waters of Wyoming is required by law to immediately notify a Wyoming law enforcement agency of the accident.

In addition, the operator is required to complete the attached written report whenever the watercraft accident results in:

  • Death or injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid
  • The disappearance of any person from the watercraft under circumstances that indicate the possibility of death or injury
  • Property damage in excess of five hundred dollars ($500)

A watercraft accident includes capsizing, flooding, fire, explosion, disappearance of a watercraft other than by theft, and all collisions involving at least one watercraft and/or another watercraft, fixed, and/or floating objects.

A written report must be submitted within 10 days as required by law.


For more information about safe boating in Wyoming, contact the Department at:

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
(307) 777-4600 
5400 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 

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