Courtney LeVesque

Courtney is a true Oregonian born in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the outdoors taught her life changing lessons from an early age and continues to shape her as a mom, hunter and conservationist. Helping men and women navigate life, find their passion, and live with intention is without a doubt a driving force for her as the owner of a Nutrition Company, Nutrition Realigned and co-owner of a Hunter Based Fitness Company, Elevation Fitness Training. Driven for adventure, new experiences, and traveling you can find her across the country involved with archery events, empowering women in the outdoors, or competing in various outdoor sports. She enjoys running races, 3D archery shoots, and won the title of Train To Hunt Women’s National Champion in 2016. Whether you are looking for positive perspective, healthy lifestyle tips, or have questions on gear and hunting, Courtney always looks forward to talking with new people, and sharing the common bond of the outdoors.

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