Marcus Gores

Born and raised in the state of Oregon, Marcus Gores grew up honing his craft of archery hunting starting at a very young age. As far back as he can remember his father and uncle would pack him along on mid September hunts chasing elk in mountain country. Marcus is consistently pushing the limit with his goals in the outdoors. Whether a bow, rifle, or rod in his hand, Marcus always strives to achieve excellence. Marcus has set his sights most recently on successfully harvesting his North America Super Slam. This consists of harvesting all twenty-nine big game species native to North America. With seven of the species of animals already accomplished, Marcus has a great jump-start on his goal to complete the remaining twenty-one species. Marcus considers himself a mountain hunter enjoying long trips into rugged backcountry spending weeks at a time off grid hunting. His passion for hunting comes from the roots his dad help plant by raising him to be an ethical and die hard outdoorsmen. He believes his best catch to date is his wife Kayt. Marcus believes he is very fortunate to be able to do what he loves with the one he loves.

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