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Campfire Collective Jan 8th, 2019

Top 5 Outdoor Podcasts

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We know, you like to keep moving. There’s no grass growing under your feet. So, how does an adventurer like you keep on top of your favorite activities? Podcasts. Podcasts can be easily worked into your active lifestyle. Listen while jogging, hiking or biking. Change up your radio station with a podcast on the commute to and from work.

Where to Start?

There are a lot of podcasts out there; choosing one or even a few can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of trial and error.  We can help you get started by suggesting some podcasts that you might find helpful. This list is in no specific order and typically what makes a podcast “great” can be entirely subjective. Give them a listen and judge for yourself.

Wired to Hunt

Wired to Hunt is hosted by Mark Kenyon and concentrates on whitetail deer hunting in North America. The series includes updates via “Rut Radio” which provides real-time field updates from various locations throughout the country. Listeners applaud the useful information and education the series provides. Topics deal with things such as hunting on public land, tips on deer behaviors, and how to find the best hunting spots. Both amateurs and pros alike will find the episodes both informative and entertaining.

2. ReddyYetti

ReddyYeti is a podcast that tackles a number of outdoor sports like snowboarding, skiing, biking, climbing, and kayaking. The series focuses on startup companies that are creating revolutionary products that the serious outdoorsman and adventurer would find invaluable and just plain fun.

They interview the owners of these companies and discuss what makes their products so innovative. The show covers everything from gear to equipment to food. Yes, food! All great adventures involve food at some point.  Listeners don’t have enough good things to say about the show!

S’more Outdoor is another great podcast along the same vein with a little twist. It deals with “real” world topics and how we can learn to relax and unplug thru nature and the outdoors.

3. Backpacking Light

Backpacking Light is a must listen for any serious (or novice) backpacker. The series provides loads of helpful tips and information as well as product reviews. Hosts discuss gear, philosophies, nutrition and fitness, and includes interviews with pro backpackers and experts in related areas. It receives rave reviews from listeners.

You may also want to check out Backpacker Radio. It’s a little more lighthearted and personal but jam-packed with great information and trail specific information.

4. The World’s Greatest Fishing Podcast

The World’s Greatest Fishing Podcast covers all manner and techniques related to fishing. The hosts discuss fishing of all types; fly, shore, deep sea, and even spearfishing. Hosts Paul Mortiz and Ed Rush provide plenty of guest interviews, gear and equipment reviews, and even some fish tales.
Avid fisherman may also like Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast. It adds a little comedy along with some great education. They put a little extra spin on things with a focus on sustainability and conservation.

5. Hike or Die

With a name like Hike or Die, you know this podcast is serious about hiking. Hosts review gear and equipment, file reports “on location”, and discuss how to hike “responsibly” (Leave No Trace). It has phenomenal feedback from listeners and only promises to get better with the coming year.
Another great hiking podcast is the simply named Weekly Hiking Tip podcast with practical advice like how to hike with small children, choosing a shelter, and purifying water.
Check out an episode or two of these great podcasts and explore the recommendations for other podcasts in your selected genre to see which ones you enjoy most.

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