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Campfire Collective Dec 16th, 2021

Why You Should Take Your Texas Hunting Education Course Online

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Hunting is simply part of life for many Texans, whether it’s deer season or dove season. Many kids and adults alike grow up hunting in the Lone Star State, and it can be a great way to bond with your loved ones, pass along deep-rooted traditions and provide for your family. However, gun and hunting education are incredibly important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to hunting safely, effectively and humanely.  This is where HUNTINGsmart!’s Texas hunting education comes in. 


In Texas, most hunters are required to take a hunter education safety course and become certified to legally hunt. A hunter’s certification also goes hand in hand with any required hunting licenses, permits and/or endorsements. While hunting can be a really fun way to spend the hunting season, there is also a lot to know. With HUNTINGsmart!, Texas hunters can guarantee a fun, engaging, and knowledge-packed hunting safety education course, all from the comfort of a computer screen. While there are in-person options available (and sometimes required, depending on age requirement) to those looking for their hunter safety certifications, we’re partial to the HUNTINGsmart!’s online platform for good reason, and we’re breaking them all down right here. 

Do I need to take a Texas Hunter Education Safety Course? 

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In the State of Texas, every hunter (including those coming in from out-of-state) born on or after September 2, 1971, must take a Texas Hunter Education Safety Course that has been approved by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Your hunting certification proof is required to be on your person while hunting, so it’s important to take an accredited hunting safety course. 


While those born before September 2, 1971 aren’t legally required to take a hunting safety education course, we’d recommend a safety course to every Texas hunter. By taking a hunting safety course, you’ll be more up-to-date on everything from hunting laws to safety regulations, and you’ll be a better-prepared hunter. 

Who is exempt from needing to take a Texas Hunter Education Safety Course? 

In Texas, there are a few exemptions to the Texas Hunter Education Safety Course requirements. The exemptions are as follows: 

  • Hunters born before September 2, 1971 
  • Hunters from the age of 9-16 who are directly accompanied by a guardian 
  • Hunters aged 17 and older who have purchased a one-time hunter education deferral 
  • Active duty members and honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces 
  • Active duty members or veterans of the Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard or Texas State Guard 
  • Current or past peace officers 

What’s the difference between an online Texas Hunter Education Safety Course and an in-person course? 

In Texas, you can choose between an in-person classroom course or an online course to receive your Texas Hunter Education certification. 


In-person classroom courses are available to those under 17 years of age, and involve 6 hours of classroom instruction. Those under 17 years of age can also choose to register for an online course as well as participate in a mandatory field day. This allows young hunters to complete a portion of their hunting education online with a provider like HUNTINGsmart!, paired with a field course. 


For those age 17 and older, online-only courses are the best option to receive your Texas Hunter Education Safety certification. While any TPWD-approved course may be taken, HUNTINGsmart! is the number one choice for hunters looking for a jam-packed, engaging course that teaches effective, smart hunting education without the boredom. 

How long does it take? 

In-classroom hunting safety education options involve anywhere from 4-6 hours of active learning time, all done in one sitting. With HUNTINGsmart!, you’ll be able to complete your course on your own time, on your own device, and at your own pace. Developed by experts and real hunters, HUNTINGsmart!’s fully narrated and animated courses are a much more fun alternative. 

Benefits to taking your Texas Hunter Education Safety Course online 

There are a ton of benefits to taking your Texas Hunter Education Safety Course online through HUNTINGsmart!, from engaging lessons and at-your-own-pace timing to quick turnaround and expert instruction. 


When taking your hunter education safety course online with HUNTINGsmart!, you’ll also have lifetime access to all content as well as unlimited retries of your certification test. You’ll take the online course, pass the official TWPD exam, print your temporary card and download your official certification within two weeks. That’s it! Plus, it can all be done without leaving your home. 

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While hunting is an important part of life for many of those in the Lone Star State, there’s nothing fun about hunting accidents. By taking your online Texas Hunter Education Safety Course with HUNTINGsmart!, you’ll be a prepared, engaged and confident hunter—and you’ll be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home.  


Our courses are 100% narrated and animated, and designed by experts, professionals and real-life hunters, complete with live-action videos built to help prepare you for real-world experience. With lifetime access and an at-your-own-pace design, HUNTINGsmart! is the right, state-approved choice for all Texas hunters, regardless of age, experience and skill level. Get certified in three easy steps today! 

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