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Module 01 - Boating Basics

Boating in Canada

Canadians love getting on the water! 

Boating is all about creating awesome memories with your crew, leaving the workweek in your wake and spending time on the water with your friends and family. 

Whether you’re preparing for a weekend up at the lake, a day of towing the kids on the tube, or a relaxing afternoon cruise, boating is all about the thrill and sense of relaxation that comes with that first roar of the engine, push off the dock, and the refreshing breeze of picking up speed. 

Boating has become a favourite pastime for many of us. In fact, there are over 9 million recreational boaters in Canada. Sadly, there are 120 boating fatalities in Canada per year on average, in addition to the thousands of unreported non-fatal accidents that happen. What’s worse is that most of these deaths were preventable as they were the result of a lack of basic boating knowledge and skill.

If you’re a boat operator, you are responsible for knowing and obeying Canada’s boating rules and regulations. The most common causes of boating accidents and fatalities in Canada include:

1. Not wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD).

2. Person overboard (falling overboard).

3. Capsizing (sinking, swamping, grounding) and collisions with other boats.

4. Operating a vessel while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

By completing this Study Guide and obtaining your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), you’ve made the choice to enhance boating safety and fun for all!

Get your Official Canadian
Boating License

The Official Transport Canada Boating Course, Test & License.

Get your Official Canadian
Boating License

The Official Transport Canada Boating
Course, Test & License.

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