BOATsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Navigating the Waterways

    1. The Navigation Rules : Disclaimer
    2. Common Navigation Rule Violations
    3. Determining Your Position and Course of Direction
    4. Determining the Risk of Collision
    5. The Responsibility Between Vessels Rule
    6. Determining Right-of-Way
    7. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Head-on Approach
    8. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Port (Left) Approach
    9. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Starboard (Right) Approach
    10. Collision Avoidance Rules: Powerboats - Overtaking
    11. Using Sound Signals for Navigation
    12. Collision Avoidance Rules: Sailboats
    13. Restricted Visibility and Safe Operation
    14. Navigating at Night
    15. Head-on Approach
    16. Port (Left) Approach
    17. Starboard (Right) Approach
    18. Overtaking
    19. What Else Does a White Light Indicate?
    20. Aids to Navigation
    21. The Lateral Marking System
    22. The Four Main Types of Lateral Buoys
    23. ‘Red Right Returning’
    24. How do I determine which way is upstream?
    25. The Non-Lateral Marking System
    26. The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
    27. The Western Rivers System
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