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SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 02 - Before Heading Out


Check the forecast before you head out, and keep an eye on the sky during your trip. Seriously, just take a moment to Google it and find out what you can expect the sky to throw at you. Weather conditions can change rapidly, and if you’re riding towards a wall of darkness you may want to consider heading back.

If you know the weather is going to be extremely cold or that the conditions will be icy during your ride, make sure you layer up with the appropriate clothing. You can always take layers off if you get too hot, but if you’re cold and wet you’ll be stiff, uncomfortable and at risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

Remember, warmer winter weather conditions, like heavy rain or gusting winds, may melt and wash out the trail, ruining the snowmobiling conditions. If you get stuck riding in this weather, watch out for soft sloppy trail conditions, thin ice or any ‘spring debris’ you may encounter on the trail.


Stick to the trail when it starts to get sloppy. It can be tempting to go wide around icy, packed down areas and ride on the trail edge but this can damage the trail and can be the reason that some trails end up closed.




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