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SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 04 - Rider Skills


Making sure your sled is in the right position for your height and arm length is extremely important for your safety. Adjusting the sled to fit you best will make for a more comfortable ride too. It’s just like how you would adjust the seat if you were driving someone else’s car and you felt like you were too low in the seat or too far back from the pedals...Driving like a gangster. That’s what that sounds like.

The following parts on your sled can be adjusted:

Handlebars: Make sure the handlebars are adjusted to the right height. You should feel comfortable and be able to easily steer and control the machine. Properly adjusted handlebars will greatly reduce the risk of losing control.

Mirrors: Make sure the mirrors on your snowmobile are adjusted to your riding style. You should have a clear view of the area behind your machine.

Suspension: Most machines provide the option of adjusting and fine tuning the front and rear suspension. It should be adjusted to suit your weight and riding style.

Headlights: The amount of weight being placed on your snowmobile will affect the angle and tilt of your headlights. So, if you have a second passenger on the sled or if you plan on towing a load, don’t forget the headlights will need to be adjusted accordingly. 

General Safety Guidelines

Sticking to these guidelines will help you stay balanced and help you maintain control of your machine.

  • Always keep your head and eyes up, looking well ahead for potential obstacles and changes in the terrain.
  • Keep your hands on the handlebars and keep your feet on the footrests at all times. You could easily lose balance if you ride with only one hand.
  • Your arms should be relaxed, with your elbows bent outwards slightly from your body.
  • Keep your knees pointed inwards.
  • Never risk losing control by showing off, it’s just not worth it… and nobody likes a show-off.




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