SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 05 - Rider Responsibility


Snowmobiling is a physically and mentally demanding activity that requires your complete attention. For this reason, operating your sled is incredibly dangerous if you’re under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Being drunk or high while riding will negatively impact your vision, your motor skills and your reaction time and tragically, alcohol has been recognized as the key factor in many snowmobile-related deaths and accidents. Don’t drink and drive - It’s not a risk worth taking. Be on your A-game when operating any type of motorized machine.

Did you know that wind, sunshine and the motion of your machine will increase the effects of drugs and alcohol on your mental and physical state? Don’t negotiate with yourself.

Even a small amount of alcohol will make it more difficult for you to: 

  • Simultaneously ride your sled while scanning the trail for hazards.
  • Spot moving objects, like other traffic on the trail, debris or wildlife.
  • Maintain your hand-eye-foot coordination.
  • React quickly in an emergency.
  • Stay within your personal riding capabilities and limits.
  • See the trail and any obstacles clearly, particularly at night or in conditions with reduced visibility.
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