SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 05 - Rider Responsibility


Snowmobile clubs and member organizations are located all across the country. According to the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, there are over 225,000 miles of groomed trails in the U.S.! So no matter where you’re riding, there’s always somewhere to ride and someone to ride with! These clubs exist to promote safe, fun snowmobiling and they usually work with state agencies to organize sled programs. Basically, it’s just a bunch of awesome people who love to ride. Sign up, and get as involved as you want to be! As a volunteer, you’ll get to find out about awesome trips and initiatives in your state or region. You can help out with:

  • Planning snowmobile activities and annual events.
  • Training new riders and working as a hands-on training instructor.
  • Participating in public meetings and helping to influence legislation.
  • Helping to maintain both public and private trails.
  • Helping to construct new trail maps.
  • Helping law enforcement with search and rescue efforts.

Contact your state agency, a sled instructor or a sled dealer to find out about any local rider clubs near you!

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