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SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 06 - Off-Road Terrain



If your trail happens to cross a road, be very cautious and use these safety tips to get you and your group, across the road safely:

  • Upon approach, reduce your speed and then come to a complete stop at a safe distance from the road, to prevent your machine from sliding into oncoming traffic.
  • Once you're at a complete stop, shift into the standing position. This will provide you with the best view of the road, so you can see what's coming towards you, and so other drivers can also see you.
  • Understand that highway traffic always has the right of way on the road. You must wait for traffic to clear before attempting to cross a road.
  • Once the way is clear, select a crossing point that provides as much visibility as possible and cross in a straight path, to keep the amount of time spent crossing the road at a minimum.
  • Keep in mind that concrete and pavement don't provide the same steering control that snow does, so cross the road carefully and never cross at high speeds.
  • Remember there may be snowbanks or other obstructions that make it difficult for you to see oncoming traffic. These will also make it difficult for others to see you, so be cautious.



If you're riding with a group, the group leader should take charge of road crossing procedures. They will cross the road first and then indicate to the rest of their group when it's safe to cross. The group of riders should then cross one at a time. The lead rider will also be in charge of ensuring that each person has crossed safely before the group continues on their ride.



Always be aware of which roads you can and cannot ride on. There are laws which prohibit snowmobiles from riding on certain roads and these laws are in place for your safety and the safety of drivers on the road. Always keep up to date with these laws and restrictions, and remember the local laws can vary significantly from one location to another.



Take extra precautions when crossing a road with a passenger. Take into consideration the traffic, road conditions, light and visibility conditions etc., before determining the safest options. Under certain circumstances, and depending on road conditions, it may be safer for the passenger to get off the machine and walk across the road, whereas at other times it may be safer for them to stay on the sled.




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