Amber Champion

Amber was born in the UK, she moved to Ontario, Canada at the age of 5 where she spent most of her youth swimming competitively and climbing trees. When she was 13 she was introduced to the Whitewater kayaking world, where she fell madly in love with the adrenaline rush of big water and being upside down. When Amber was 15 she sustained two severe head injuries that changed her life. She was advised to quit the world of Whitewater and choose a more mellow hobby. From there she fell into the Sea Kayak and SUP instruction world, after taking her L1 instructors course she taught 32 courses in two months along with Advanced Flatwater SUP courses. This fuelled her passion and pushed her to be where she is now; Paddle Canada L3 Instruction (working on her L4 instructor mentorship), L1 Instructor Trainer (working on her L2 instructor trainer) and Level 4 skills, placing her as one of Canada’s top female instructor and youngest L3 instructor. Last year she attained her SUP instructor trainer certification and SUP multi-day touring instructor status. She is currently representing the following companies; Nigel Denis Kayaks (NDK), Lendal Paddles & Stohlquist Waterwear. Currently runs Blue Dog Kayaking, Vancouver Island & spends her winters guiding in the Abel Tasman National Park, NZ.

Passionate about life & everything on the ocean.

She is delighted to be part of this team, stay tuned for some of her upcoming blog posts.

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