ATVsmart! Nevada Practice Test

Want to try a practice test before you take the course? Get ready for your Nevada off-roader safety course by testing your off-roading knowledge with our free practice test.

Practice Test Question 1

1. Which of the following Off-Highway Vehicles is defined as "a motorized, gasoline-powered, off-highway vehicle that is designed to travel on four low-pressure tires"?

Practice Test Question 2

2. Which of the following Off-Highway Vehicles is equipped with a steering wheel, rather than handlebar controls?

Practice Test Question 3

3. What additional safety feature are modern Utility-Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) equipped with, which All-Terrain Vehicles and Dirt Bikes don't have?

Practice Test Question 4

4. Which of the following should NOT be used to anchor your machine to a trailer or truck bed?

Practice Test Question 5

5. Which of the following is the safest, most stable riding position?

Practice Test Question 6

6. If you're wearing safety goggles, which of the following lens tints should be used on bright, sunny days?

Practice Test Question 7

7. What is the MINIMUM type of clothing you should wear when operating your OHV?

Practice Test Question 8

8. Which is the best riding position to use when you require more visibility (such as when waiting to cross a road or highway)?

Practice Test Question 9

9. Which of the following trail signs indicates that the trail ahead will make significant directional changes?

Practice Test Question 10

10. When preparing to cross an obstacle with your OHV, at which angle should you approach it?

Congratulations! You've completed the practice quiz.

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