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Campfire Collective Dec 20th, 2018

Off-roading in Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Nevada’s public lands offer nearly unlimited off-roading ATV adventures. With over 1,500 trails, over 50 are suitable for off-roading. These trails provide features including sand, dirt, creeks, foliage, mountains and mud. Experience your next Nevada off-roading adventure along one of these notable spots.

Pony Express Trail

The Pony Express spans across multiple States between California and Missouri. The portion of it running through Nevada starts just south of Buckland’s Station. It goes from highway to a wide well maintained dirt road. The trail runs through Carson River Ranches and Lahontan Reservoir Recreation Areas.

There are several other nearby sites. Fort Churchill State Historic Park and the Carson and Lahontan Valleys, where you can see wild horses.

Note that the remote parts of the trail can become very muddy and difficult or impossible to pass. This creates a dangerous situation for riders. It is advised to turn back at the first sign of mud.


Ever want to visit a ghost town? The area where Candelaria was first developed attracted Mexican silver prospectors, in 1864, to the northern slopes of the mountain. European prospectors arrived in 1879, and established a camp which then became a boomtown. With the success of the surrounding mines the town flourished with hotels, businesses, and an increasing population.

With water resource issues and the dryness of the mining area, residents eventually succumbed to respiratory infections. The population decreased and today stands an empty town. Many of its structures including several stone and wooden buildings are still standing.

A two lane road leads towards Candelaria. The pavements ends to become a wide dirt road at the entrance to the town. The dirt road remains wide until reaching the Belleville town site. Other trails lead off from this main road, providing lots of opportunities to explore for of-roaders. All fun for all levels, the road is flat and easy for beginning riders. It offers views of sagebrush and the old Carson & Colorado Railroad.


Logan House Creek Trail, USFS Trail #33, is a 7.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Stateline, Nevada. The trail features a lake and is appropriate for all off-roader skill levels. The dog-friendly trail is perfect for a scenic drive and for those who want to drive in nature. It is best to drive it between May and September and offers views of Lake Tahoe.

The trail loops off Genoa Peak Trail and rejoins it 4 miles from the starting point. The trail is one lane wide however offers many pullouts making it easy for other off-roaders to pass. The gravel trail sits amidst dense vegetation making it a perfect ride for those who prefer thick trail riding. Some of the trail is paved and becomes a Pnshelf road within the first mile.


Starting at Johnson Lane, approximately 4 miles east of Mindon, the Sunrise Pass Road turns into a number of trails. The Sunrise Pass Trail is a long scenic route with varying trail conditions for riders of all levels. It offers great opportunities to explore the area and take in the wildlife.

Travelling through mountainous terrain you will proceed through to Wellington and Yerington before you reach Sunrise Pass. Along the way you will experience views of pinyon and juniper trees. They are dispersed across the landscape with the trail climbing toward the Pine Nut Mountains. Ascending along the trail the road leads over small hills and eventually narrows and becomes more rocky with erosions and corrugations. The trail is particularly rough at the wash crossing and offers section varying in widths to allow other vehicles to pass. The road offers several springs for the wildlife in the area.


The Ludwig Ghost Trail begins nears the town of Smith and Wellington where is begins on a dusty road off a residential area.  It heads north the historic mining towns of Delphi and Ludwig. It crosses Mason Pass and the Singatse Range and ends near the town of Yerington.

The trail offers nice scenery winding through the Pine Nut Mountains and over Artesia Lake, now a dry lake bed. The trail is very easygoing and suitable for inexperienced riders. However certain parts of the trail, particularly around the Delphi town site can be more difficult to navigate.

Nevada Trails Map

The Nevada Off-Highways Vehicles Program website offers an excellent mapping resource to help you research your next off-roading trip.

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