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Campfire Collective Jul 11th, 2018

Nissan: the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Vehicle

Red Nissan Titan towing massive boat, parking on a pier.

Nissan provides all the tools needed to ignite the outdoor enthusiast in all of us to get outdoors and explore! BOATsmart! is a fan and advocate of Nissan as a company, especially their truck line because we know first-hand how reliable they are. Here at BOATsmart! we use Nissan trucks every time we plan an outdoor trip.Whether you’re taking the family on a trip to the cottage or a cross-country road trip, these high-performance vehicles are the most reliable.


With 390 horse power and 394 lb-ft of torque, the TITAN provides the power to carry massive payloads. With many features such as a full-length, fully-boxed frame, new 7-speed automatic transmission with Tow/Haul mode, and adjustable Brake Controller. The TITAN helps you tow any and all water toys to the cottage making you feel capable and confident.

While you’re at the cottage, check out these 10 awesome cottage hacks. They will help you spend less time worrying about the small stuff and more time making memories with friends and family. Thinking about taking a cross-country trip to check out lakes? This is the vehicle you’re going to want to use! It can comfortably tow a trailer behind it in any condition and terrain.


The TITAN XD has a larger frame and is extensively reinforced for added strength and stiffness. This helps resist vertical and lateral bending and increases torsional rigidity in comparison to its counterpart the TITAN. Featuring a 555-lb-ft of torque, a larger high-strength, fully boxed full-length ladder frame and a sliding bed extender. These vehicles gives you maximum versatility with minimum effort.

This truck will conquer whatever outdoor adventure you throw at it. It’s no wonder Bryan Baeumler says that “The Nissan TITAN XD is already an integral part of [his] construction business. Without a doubt this truck is the most important and versatile tool on and off the job-site.”

With an integrated gooseneck hitch this has some serious towing capability and is the perfect vehicle to tow your boat or PWC to the cottage for a weekend of fun. We know it can often be tough to launch your boat, especially if it’s the beginning of the season. For a little refresher, check out our blog on how to launch a boat: 10 steps to get out on the water. Bringing someone to the cottage who has never driven a PWC before? We can help with that! Here’s some fun and easy directions on how to drive a Jet Ski! See? We got you!


The Nissan Frontier is next on our list and it’s built for rock-solid performance. Where durability meets style, this truck is known for its rugged exterior making it perfect for off-roading. But that’s not the only reason we love this truck! The performance towing capability is high with a capacity of up to 6,710 lbs, up to 261 horse power and 281 lb-ft torque. Together with its V6 engine, you never have to worry about what you’re pulling behind this bad boy.

This truck is the perfect choice for a camping trip with the whole family as it offers Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). This feature – sometimes called stability control – continuously monitors your steering and braking actions. It senses any oversteer or understeer, and helps compensate by reducing engine speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. The safety of your family is in good hands in this vehicle.

We take our outdoor adventures seriously – especially when it comes to outdoor activities. When we’re planning a day out on the water, Nissan is our number one choice of vehicle for any and all situations. From the safety features to the towing capabilities, Nissan has always been the best option for exploring the wild.

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