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Jordan P Sep 15th, 2018

We’re Better Wild

Trail in wooded area

There have been multiple studies conducted which indicate that being out in nature. In the wild has a positive impact on your life and overall health. But we don’t necessarily need scientific proof to feel the impacts of being out in the wild. There is always a general calmness and enlightening feeling that many experience. Make an effort to escape the stresses of your day-to-day. Find time to dive into nature for a while, you are actively increasing your quality of life in so many different ways.

Why the wild?

Before diving into the countless reasons why nature is our friend, we need to deconstruct what the title of this article is really saying. ‘Why people are better when they are in the wild’. I guess what we really need to understand here are the words ‘better’ and ‘wild’, and what they mean to us in this context. The word better refers to the endless health benefits depending on the amount of physical exertion your outdoor activity demands. Generally, a healthier body and mind awaits you if you explore the wild.

Taking time to put yourself into the natural world has had proven cognitive benefits. This includes information retention and boosts in memory. Those who frequent the outdoors also tend to hold less tension and stress in their muscles. They are generally more relaxed.

The word wild simply represents whatever or wherever your outdoor pursuits take you. Now don’t stress out here, (and if you are, clearly you need a good nature walk). We aren’t saying that you need to go on a five-day camping trip in the backcountry complete. We’re noting suggesting a six-kilometer portage in order to experience the wild. Even spending an hour on a trail or path taking in the trees and the sounds of the wildlife around you will do your soul some good. Simply sitting in your garden without your phone and just taking in a nice day. This can do wonders for your mood and is a great way to utilize the wild in your own backyard, literally.

Summer body ready

With something as simple as going for a two-hour hike, you’ll burn almost 1,000 calories before lunch! Paddle boarding claims the same number of calories. If you decide to hop in for a quick swim while you’re out on the board this number will quickly sky rocket.

Shed your stress and gain confidence

There has been extensive research done on the effects of getting out into the wild and the benefits it has on your mental health. The most glaring results are tied to boosts in self-confidence, curiosity, problem solving abilities, and information retention. So, do yourself a favor this weekend and go for that hike you’ve been saying you’re going to do. Challenge yourself with some bouldering, or just meander through a conservation area. A healthier and stronger mind awaits you!

Adventure around every corner

One of my favorite parts of being in the wild is that adventure can be found in the most unexpected places. There are endless avenues to explore when you divert from the beaten path. Whether it’s an overgrown trail that leads to a secret river or abandoned shack to explore, or a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain you ski down.

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