HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


Using one hand, grasp the firearm at the grip and let the firearm rests across the top of your shoulder. The shoulder carry position provides you with the LEAST control. Never use the shoulder carry when someone is behind you or if you’re trekking over rough terrain. It’s risky and if the hunters around you seem a little uptight, it’s because they’re waiting for your casually placed firearm to casually slip off your shoulder.

Check This Out: Double-fist It

Here’s a good way to think about carry positions—you’re probably less likely to get careless and forget about something if it’s in both of your hands. So hang onto it. Treat your gun like a newborn baby. Carry it with a good grip, keep it clean, watch out for ‘debris’ and whatever you do, don’t drop it.

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