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Module 02 - Before Heading Out


Planning out your trip, and leaving a Trip Plan document behind with someone you trust, should be a part of even the most spontaneous adventures. Leave details that will lead someone to your location in the event that you don’t return home. Who knows what may keep you out there - maybe you’ll run out of gas and you’ll discover that your cell phone is dead, or maybe you’ll injure yourself in an accident. Whatever your emergency is, wouldn’t you be glad to know you left a map behind that will lead someone to you?

Think of it this way: Take a moment to leave that note, or type out that text message before you leave and you may save your own life.

Download a printable SLEDsmart! Trip Plan here!

Trip Plan Information:

  • Where you’re starting from, and where you’re headed (always provide the big picture).
  • How you plan to get there (identify the trail on a map).
  • The location of any planned stops.
  • A list of names and the contact info for the other riders in your group.
  • A cell phone number where you can be reached.
  • Your time of departure, arrival and return.
  • A list of instructions in case of emergency.
  • The number for the local authorities in the area where you’ll be riding.  
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