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SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 06 - Off-Road Terrain


Part of the thrill of snowmobiling is challenging yourself to go further and be adventurous, which means you’re likely going to watch the snow terrain change throughout your hour, or day or maybe your week of riding. The main types of off-road terrain and snow conditions you’re likely to encounter will call for a wide variety of rider skill and experience.

First things first, snow and cold weather come hand-in-hand and that means being prepared for colder temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Got the right cold weather and survival gear for you're winter riding? Is your sled in good enough shape to get you to your destination before the sun goes down and it starts to get really cold? If you answered yes to all of the above, then follow these general safety tips for riding in the white stuff: 

  • Check the weather before you go. If the forecast says it will be too cold or that it’s snowing too heavily for you to have good visibility, you should reschedule and ride another day.
  • Ride with extra care when the weather starts to warm up and the frozen landscapes begin to thaw out - the conditions will be very slippery.
  • Make sure you’ve got great gloves and tinted/ polarized goggles that will help reduce the blinding glare of the bright sun on the white snow.



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