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Campfire Collective May 11th, 2019

Off-roading in Pennsylvania

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The trails in Pennsylvania offer something for everyone whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. The state’s mountainous terrain provides the ideal backdrop for a number of popular off-road parks. There are thousands of acres of trails available for your next adventure. There are a few park to explore.


Rausch Creek Off-Road Park is open every day of the week between 8am and 6pm (it closes at 5pm on Sundays). You must make a reservation if you wish to ride between Monday and Thursday. Those aged 16 years and old need to buy an annual membership. There are daily entrance fees for vehicles and riders however children under 15 gain entry for free. 

The park is able to accommdoate trucks, jeeps, and SUVs only.  The Park is devoted to providing a fun, legal place for off-road enthusiasts to go four-wheeling with their four-wheel drive Jeep, truck, or SUV.

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park is located just 45 miles northeast of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. There is easy interstate highway access from anywhere on the East coast.

The Park has been in operation since 2003 and overs more than

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park has been in operation since the spring of 2003. It offers more than 3,000 acres of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails. The park features rocks, bowls, hills, club friendly trails, and free, on-site camping. Primitive campsites are available, and are included in the price of admission. Reservations for camping are required ahead of time to ensure you get a spot.

Those looking for a unique challenge should check out Rock Creek. It’s a large glacial deposit in the West section of the park. Here, larger vehicles can attempt to tackle the huge boulders. The boulders are packed so closely in parts that only a handful of trees have been able to survive.


The Lost Trails has become a premier destination for riders from the Tri-State and surrounding areas. Lost Trails ATV Adventures features more than 2,000 acres of varying terrain that follow along a mountainside.

With an elevation change of up to 2,000 feet, this is one park that’s not for the faint-hearted. The trails are technical and fun. They include mild to wild riding, scenic ridges, rock crawls, mud runs, and lazy trails twisting through the mountainside. Luckily, trails are clearly marked and color coded for difficulty. The park offers guided tours for less experienced off-roaders. 

There are also three riding areas for children, so the whole family can get in on the fun.

The Lost Trails ATV Adventures is open between December and March, Friday through Sunday, 9am – 5pm and between April and November, Thursday through Monday, 9am – 5pm.

The Park offers daily admissions, season passes, special rates and group rates.

Utility quads, sport quads, side x sides, and dirt bikes can use the park.


Mountain Ridge ATV Park primarily offers more than 2,500 acres of off-road trails, with access to an additional 500 acres. There are 40 miles of single track available, running through gentle rolling hills, extreme rock climbing, mud pits, and challenging hills. The park has a nice mixture of rolling hills for novice riders, and extreme rock climbing for more experienced visitors. Trails are well-marked with three levels—easy, medium, and hard—available. The trails are for ATVs and dirt bikes.

In addition, the park has seasonal and daily camping with a total of 37 campsites with electrical hookups. The campsites include a one 8-person cabin, two 4-person cabins, and 3 seasonal cabins.

The park is open between May and November, 9am – 6pm every day (but closed on Tuesdays). There is a cost for admission. Season passes and group rates are available

Easy trails: Deer Pen, Gentle Ben, Jay’s Run, Gunner Run, Can-am, Rob’s Revenge

Moderate trails: Turtle, Davey Crocket, Logger’s Run, Narrow’s Run, Chuck Wagon, Shamrock

Hard trails: Mount Laurel, Big John, Rock’n Randy, Soggy Bottom


Rock Run Recreation Area is open between April and October with varying opening hours depending on the season. There is a daily admission charge however offers two-day passes and seasonal passes.

The Area is open to ATVs, dirt bikes, side-by-sides, and OHVs.

Rock Run Recreation Area provides more than 140 miles of off-road trails in the heart of Pennsylvania, in Northern Cambria and Southern Clearfield counties. The trails offer stunning vistas of the Allegheny Mountains. The trails at Rock Run are designed for a wide variety of off-road vehicles so that any and all riders will find something to enjoy.

Rock Run is also home to 350 primitive campsites which are available for the low price of $12 per night for a group of six.

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