PADDLERsmart! Canada Knowledge Base

Module 01 - Paddling Basics:



Life jacket:
When Stand Up Paddling, you are required to carry a life jacket or PFD with you at all times. We highly recommend that you WEAR your life jacket or PFD while paddling on a SUP board. Besides, where else are you going to put it, right?
A paddle is a handheld device with a shaft and a blade. The paddle is used to propel the SUP board through the water and should be about 10-20 cm taller than the height of the paddler so that they can stand up tall and straight while paddling.
A SUP leash is a strap that attaches the SUP board to the paddler and keeps the board from shooting off if the paddler falls off the board.
The rocker on a SUP board is the degree of upward curve from the nose to tail of the board. A small rocker (like on Flat Water SUP boards) will allow the board to glide more smoothly over longer distances. A significant rocker (like with Surf SUP boards) allows the boards to ‘carve’ and make sharp turns more easily on waves.
The nose is the front end of a SUP board.
The tail is the back end of a SUP board.
The deck is the top part of a SUP board (where you stand when paddling). On some beginner boards, there will be a contoured area that indicates exactly where you should put your feet.
Deck pad:
This is the ‘grippy’ surface on the deck that provides traction for your feet.
Sometimes called the ‘soap dish’, the handle is the area on the deck where you can grab the board when you need to carry it on shore or re-board it from deep water.
Fin/Fin box:
The fin or fin box is located on the bottom of the board. It’s used to keep the board in a straight line while the board moves forward through the water.
These are the sides or edges of a SUP board.
Vent Plug:
Boards made of foam will contain gases, which will expand and contract with changes in the air temperature or after they’ve been in storage for a long time. Vent plugs are used to help balance the build-up of these gases.


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