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Canada’s Online Paddle Safety Course

Paddle, Portage, Paddle. PADDLERsmart! is an Online Paddling & SUP Safety Course built from the water up by paddlers and experts in the field.

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Three easy steps to get paddling

PADDLERsmart! is the easiest and fastest way to get your Canada paddling certification. We include everything you need.

1. Take the course

Study up with the PADDLERsmart! Safety Course. Animated and narrated lessons put you in the paddler’s seat. Take it from anywhere, on any device. It’s perfect for all ages.

2. Ace the test

It’s easy. The five course modules equip you with valuable paddling knowledge and skills. Our multiple-choice test is open book with unlimited free retries. 

3. Get on the water

Your certificate of completion can be printed immediately once you pass the online test. Plan your next paddling adventure, whether it’s riding the rapids or enjoying tranquil waters.

Step inside the course


Types of Paddle Craft
Paddling Terminology
The Right Gear
Boat and Board Capacities
Safe Loading
Registration and Documentation
Module Summary and Quiz


Life Jackets and PFDs
Inflatable Flotation Devices
Testing your Equipment
Sound Signal Requirements
Navigation Light Requirements
Visual Distress Signal Requirements
Module Summary and Quiz


Weather and Water Conditions
Tandem Trouble
Local Hazards
Float Planning
Transporting Paddle Craft
Hand Signals
Marine Environment and ANS
Module Summary and Quiz


    Skill and Responsibilities
    Drugs and Alcohol
    Navigation Rules
    The Lateral System
    The Non-Lateral System
    Red Right Returning
    Entering and Exiting your Craft
    Paddling Techniques
    Other Water Activities
    Module Summary and Quiz


      Capsizing and Overboard
      Paddler Rescue Techniques
      The ‘Reach-Throw-Row-Go’ Sequence
      Throwable Rescue Devices
      Cold Water Immersion
      Suviving Cold Water
      The H.E.L.P. and Huddle Positions
      Heat-Related Illnesses
      Water Intoxication
      Rendering Assistance
      Module Summary and Quiz

        Paddling FAQs

        What does the course include?


        The online course includes 5 modules which give you the background you’ll need to pass the final exam. Once you have completed the exam you can download your course certification. The final exam is also online and you can take it as soon as you complete the 5 modules.


        Will I be certified once I take the course?


        Yes, your certificate of completion can be downloaded as soon as you pass the exam and means that you are a certified paddler. 


        What are the different types of paddlecraft?


        This course covers different types of paddlecraft including canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards.


        How long does the course take?


        The course and exam takes around 2-3 hours on average to complete.


        Are there any age restrictions?


        There are no age restrictions to completing this skills course and becoming certified. 


        Paddling Knowledge Base

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