SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 01 - Rider Basics


Ready to lay down some tracks? 

Do you get pumped for that first big snowfall of the year? Look forward to facing the crisp, cold weather, and hitting the trail with your sled? That’s us too. Welcome to SLEDsmart!, rider!

SLEDsmart! is for adventurous riders like you, looking to obtain the skill and knowledge needed to snowmobile safely and legally, and have an awesome time while you’re out there! For us, snowmobiling is all about hitting the powder, dropping tracks and exploring the trail less traveled. 

Your snowmobile was designed to dominate winter’s challenging elements and SLEDsmart! was designed to give you the knowledge to do it with confidence. So, sit back and enjoy the journey! Learn how to ride like a pro, go further and safely explore a frozen landscape. This is the adventurous side of sled safety.

Let’s get started, rider!

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